Friday, October 22, 2010

“We never get lost”

New Yorkers have a new landmark, at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle:
(A)ll day long, shoppers and tourists alike stop at the bubble-figured 12-foot-tall Adam by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero that greets visitors and provides perhaps the most memorable Manhattan meeting spot since the clock in the Biltmore Hotel. And when they stop, they often touch, grasp, pat or rub the statue’s small but prominent penis, while a friend or relative takes a photo.

Grab. Smile. Click. Next.
I wonder how this would go down in Peoria.
(A)s Christian Rosario, 16, a student at Manhattan Theater Lab High School, said after encountering Adam: “It’s a penis, like, in the middle of a mall, just out in the open! It should have a sign on it saying ‘Touch me.’ ”
Judging from the polish , it doesn't need one.

I notice that the New York Times keywords this under "Cultural Affairs".

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