Friday, April 12, 2013

Interstate Scissors

Prosecutors like U.S. Attorney Steven L. Dettelbach of the Northern District of Ohio are why God gave us tar and feathers.

The Founders would have hung the subversive thug. I'll settle for holding him in utter contempt.

Prosecuting Amish for cutting a fellow Amish member's beard with scissors which had moved in interstate commerce? Imprisoning the people who administered an involuntary trim to 15 years in federal prison? A haircut is worth fifteen years? Dettlebach, go to Hell.

U.S. Attorney Steven L. Dettlebach does not deserve the respect I give to manure. At least manure has useful purposes. Dettlebach is just filth on the sole of the national shoe.

Our country has progressively been taken over by treasonous thugs who hold the Constitution in utter contempt. I can at least return the sentiment.

Story here.

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