Friday, June 14, 2013

Police Department DNA Databases

It seems that the Honolulu Police Department's attempt to get a DNA sample from me before returning my property after our burglary was only part of a national trend toward local police DNA databases from criminals, suspects, and innocent victims alike. No debate, no regulation.

I never submitted the sample: the insurance company had already paid off, and there was no reason to even ask if the sample would remain in the database or be discarded after the check: We already know the police are allowed to lie to us. We can trust nothing they say. That in itself should give people pause, but of course it doesn't.

The comments are hardly surprising, with a lot to the effect that If you have nothing to hide, why are you concerned? Rather self-righteous, in fact. I think we have lost not just the battle, but the war for Constitutional government. We exist to serve the state.

Such innocent people...

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