Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC Millionaire To Be Imprisoned For defending Himself With a Pistol?

When police arrived to investigate the break-in, Bardwil told them exactly what happened and voluntarily showed them the surveillance tape. So police arrested him for possessing an illegal gun. He is currently free on $250,000 bail...

He faces three years in prison for using a firearm to ward off a home intruder.

This guy violated every rule of self preservation: He had a gun which was registered to someone else. He talked to the cops. He told them exactly what he had done. He doubled down on stupid by showing them the video of himself breaking felony law.

And, just as a guess, he votes for and gives money to the treasonous thugs who flagrantly violate the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment. If I were the Benevolent Dictator For Life beloved by so many on the Left, I would prosecute the District Attorney for felony conspiracy to deprive citizens of their rights, and I would add every politician state and local who had ever voted for gun control.

Then I would put them all on chain gangs.

More here.

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