Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Let's Regulate Guns and Gun Owners Like We Regulate Cars and Drivers.

I think it is long passed time to accept the gun control advocates' proposition that we regulate guns and gun owners as tightly as we do automobiles and drivers.

If we regulated them alike, no one would need a federal license to deal guns. There would be no background check to buy one. Anyone of any age could own a gun. Anyone could operate it without a license so long as it was on private property. Anyone 16 or older could get a license to use i.e. carry a loaded gun in public simply by passing a simple written and practical test, and that license would be honored by every state.

Any licensed person could go to another state, show their license and a credit card, and rent a gun to be carried loaded in public. There would be no registration of guns so long as they were kept on private property, and unregistered guns could be transported on public streets and sidewalks so long as they were not loaded, just like towing or trailering an unregistered car.

There would be no limit on how many cartridges a gun or magazine could carry, just as there is no limit on gas tank capacity or horsepower. There would be no BATFE registration of mufflers i.e. sound suppressors, no background check for acquiring them, and no transfer tax for acquiring a sound suppressor. There would be no restrictions or special regulations on fully automatic weapons, just as there is no restriction on automatic transmissions.

I don't think the Constitution authorizes even such regulation, but few people care about the Constitution anymore. It would be a step in the right direction.

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