Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich is Racist.

If you don't believe so, you have just encountered you own inner racist. Prepare to hate thyself, churl.

The terms 'Constitution' and 'Founding Fathers' are also racist.

The Principal of a Portland school say so, therefor it must be true.

This lunacy would be funny, but they control entire school systems. That is not funny.

The story seems to be over a year old, but for some reason has taken on a new life. As well it should.

Several of the comments are spot on. One commenter by the handle of 'Turtle' suggests that the following must also therefore be racist:
1) (American) football

2) hot dogs (some cultures don't eat them!)

3) bacon (it's existence is Islamophobic)

4) Womens & Gay rights (again, Islamophobic, some cultures don't like it!!!)

Basically, if you think women should have rights, you are racist against several cultures, if you think gays have a right to live, you are extra racist.

If you respect the rights of both while eating a bacon-wrapped hot-dog and watching football, you are basically hitler.
I think this pretty much catches the idea.

Still more here.

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