Tuesday, December 03, 2013

"This is America" Is Not A Magical Incantation

In 1913, what sane German would have claimed that within the remaining lifetime of a middle-aged person the German government would build extermination factories and use them to murder millions?

The time to resist despotic government is not after you have smugly eliminated all of your children's options. It is time to resist when the smug try to eliminate your options, and all of your children's options, and your grandchildren's. The intent of those eliminating options for resistance is irrelevant. Their intentions can be the very best, the most benign possible. All that matters in the future is the effect.

All of this debate about banning assault rifles is over sad circumstances, but the numbers pale beside what unleashed governments can do. Look at the FBI homicide data for 2011. All homicide deaths by rifle (All, not just "assault rifles"): 323.

Source: FBI Expanded Homicide Data for 2011.

How does one say "It cannot happen here" in German? In Polish? In Chinese? In Khmer? Who are we to say it cannot happen here? Cannot? "This is America" is not a magical incantation.

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