Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Rather Like The Saudi Religous Police...

...who forced girls back into a burning school because they weren't wearing veils.

Except this was Minnesota.

Others have commented "Tar and Feathers." Works for me.

Americans used to be known world wide for disobeying the rules. What happened? What happened to turn us into zombie drones?

TSA aside, of course.

The adult zombie drones were too inflexible to consider modifying the plan in the face of contact with the enemy: -5 degrees, -25 wind chill, a student in a wet swim suit.

Obeying the plan was more important than saving the children. Which was the purpose of the plan.

That's an adult Zombie. A whole pack of them screaming down the street with rotting flesh hanging from their teeth. Or standing in the parking lot with a soaking wet 14 year old in -25 wind chill, chanting "Obey the rules! Obey the rules! Obey! Obey! Obey!"

The war against totalitarian Islamists may have come just in time. A lot of young Americans have learned that while discipline is important, it is independent thinking, initiative, and aggressiveness which get the job done when you make contact with the enemy. I'll bet a teacher who had served a couple tours in Iraq or Afghanistan would have gotten that kid inside.

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