Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some People Watch, Others Do

A truly inspiring bit of daftness:
An Omagh plumber tunnelled a hole from under his bed to the local pub 800 feet from his house over the course of 15 years, a court heard today.
As Patsy Kerr told the county court after he was finally caught:
“The wife has a bad snore on her I waited til she was in a deep sleep and then set about digging a hole under the bed in the direction of the pub. I used all manner of tools from spoons to a heavy duty tunnel boring machine I managed to sneak down there when she was at the shops. It wasn’t until 2009 that I hit the jackpot and came up through the women’s toilet mop and bucket room.”
Such dedication is truly ennobling. Mr. Kerr deserves to have his mates buy him a pint now and then.

Read the whole thing here.

If this story turns out to be Onionesque, it matters not: George Washington didn't chop down a cherry tree, either.

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