Monday, March 02, 2015

Is Boehner A Fraud? Is Boehner Pro-Amnesty?

I see two possible explanations for Boehnor's handing of the bill funding Department of Homeland Security: Boehner is an idiot for starting this with no Plan B, or he has no intention of stopping the amnesty, and never did: all this is a show. Too many big Republican donors want cheap labor, and they are delighted to screw American low skilled workers to get it. Boehnor is catering to the donors.

If he wanted to make it more difficult for Obama to claim Republicans shut down DHS, he should have the same bill passed again. Let Obama veto it. Then immediately pass it once more. Let Obama veto it. Again. Again, again, each time announcing that President Obama is shutting down DHS, AND announcing that the 'news' media are Democrats with bylines who cannot be trusted in anything they say, shilling for Obama. Announce both those things every single time. Say it loud and say it often.

Repeat. The media will have to cover the accusations of shilling: they will not be able to avoid it. It cannot make them any more hostile toward Republicans: They are already partisan Democrats.

Put THEM on the defensive for a change. Announce: "The 'news' media and the Democratic Party are one and the same." Loud and often.

Boehnor will not do this because I think this whole charade is exactly that: a scam to make conservatives think he is trying to stop amnesty.

Throw the bum out, and send a check to the Democratic National Committee for his first year's official membership in the Party.

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