Thursday, November 10, 2016

One Law For The Little People, No Law For The Ubermenschen?

I'll be very interested to see what Bill and Hillary Clinton can charge for speeches and books from here on out.

Even more interested to see if they are ghost written by their cell mates.

Many people will say that prosecuting and imprisoning the whole gang would tear the country apart. I agree, but confirming to the law-abiding middle class that the Ubermenchen are just too important to be held to the same standards as the little people would be far, far worse. Prosecution would be highly salutary.

My guess: Obama will pardon them before he leaves office. Maybe a few little people will see some prison time, but the Clintons will retire with scores of millions in crooked gains, proving again that there is one set of laws for the Little People, and no laws for the Ubermenschen.

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