Monday, December 08, 2014

Reading Proficiency Rates At Milwaukee Public Schools

Pretty impressive:
Five schools, for example, had not a single pupil score proficient in reading on the state tests, which are administered to students in third through eighth grades, and once in high school, in 10th grade. The state assigned those schools a 0 percent score.
On the other end of the scale, the best reading proficiency score at an 80/80 school was 21 percent at Hartford Avenue University School in MPS. Second (20 percent) was Franklin School, also in MPS. St. Marcus Lutheran was third (19 percent).

Hmmmm....Can't blame underpaid teachers: Milwaukee's teachers' salaries, adjusted for cost of living, are the highest in America. (Hawaii's are the lowest)

Something else is going on. Maybe lousy parents?

It seems to me that the simplest way to improve school outcomes, and reduce violence at the same time, would be to stop subsidizing bastardy, but I guess that would be racist. You get more of whatever you subsidize, though. You want more messed up kids? Subsidize unwed teen 'parenthood'.

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