Monday, November 18, 2013

The Incompetence of Barack Obama

Have you been following the Saga of the Emperor Stompy Foot the First as he wends his way through the Darks Woods of Responsibility for ObamaCare?

Walter Russell Mead on the most shocking aspect of Obama's press conference on the failed rollout of ObamaCare:
As more people reflect on the President’s extraordinary press conference, the public sense that the President and his team just aren’t up to the job will inevitably grow. It was a jaw dropping moment of naked self revelation, and the more one reflects on it the more striking it becomes. The President of the United States didn’t know that his major domestic priority wasn’t ready for prime time—and he thinks that sharing this news with us will somehow make it better. It is moments of this kind that give epithets like “Carteresque” their sting.
Except, of course, that Jimmy Carter arrived in the White House having management experience as Governor of Georgia.

It really is kind of amazing, and pathetic at the same time, that Obama thinks that telling us that he was clueless makes it all better.

Emperor Stompy Foot the First: "My incompetence excuses me from responsibility."

And "we" are just now finding out that buying insurance is complicated?

Yes: 'Pathetic' is a correct term.

Obama is pathetic. Dangerously so.

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