Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ACLU on Data Mining Americans

This should be scary, but few will care.

As I responded to the person who sent the link to me:
Of course, they are also doing the same thing with this email.

Who got it.

Who responded.

Who forwarded it.

To whom it was forwarded.

How many times anyone on the meta data list has interacted with any one else.

What the other email metadata shows. motto: Of COURSE we respect the Bill of Rights.

Properly interpreted, that is.

By others on our side.

People wonder why the right wingnuts have spent the last decade arming like it is 1775.

Maybe they are on to something. Maybe they remember that once in power, no one could vote Hitler out of power. One of Barack Obama's successors may decide the same thing.

And they will know all about this email.
Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Or else.

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