Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Blue Angels In Honolulu

The Blue Angels were zipping about the area yesterday and today. How do I know? This afternoon all six flew through our kitchen door and out the living room window.

Well, four of them got out, as you can see below, escaping over our shower tree from the Fanged Terrors of the Ko'olaus, Calvin Pi and Sweetie Pi, Guard Cats Extraordinaire.

The other two Blue Angels faired not so well, as it is rumored that Calvin and Sweetie, taking just umbrage at the invasion of their personal airspace by Unusually Large And Raucous Blue Birds, bigger and more raucous even than chickens, which is saying quite a lot so far as Calvin & Sweetie are concerned, bit their tails and gave them a thorough shaking. Below is Calvin, recuperating from the Defense of the Home Territories. He and Sweetie may burp up bits of blue aluminum from time to time, but that's OK: They're Cats With A Mission.

Sweetie is tuckered out from all the excitement, but she remains ever alert to invasion. It will take more than an Unusually Large And Raucous Blue Bird to get past her.

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