Saturday, November 19, 2016

What Will An Attorney General Jeff Sessions Do About The 'Legal' Pot Industry?

The nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is causing some nervousness in the 'legal' marijuana industry, because Sessions is anti-pot and pro enforcing laws.

I am amazed that so many apparently smart people are willing to publicly commit multiple federal felonies simply because a liberal sitting President say's HIS administration won't enforce those laws.

What did these idiots THINK could happen in a subsequent administration? What part of "multiple federal felonies" is unclear to them?

While I think the federal anti-marijuana laws are flagrantly unconstitutional, it is simply the case that a majority of the Supreme Court is foolish enough to disagree with me. I disagree with prohibition: That does not matter one whit. The laws exist, and the Court has, however wrongly, upheld them.

People foolish enough to publicly commit multiple federal felonies have no one to blame but themselves when they are prosecuted and imprisoned.


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