Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Frankly, I think that high government officials who claim the right to simply 're-interpret' Constitutional provisions out of existence should get fair trials for treason, followed by imprisonment or swift and public hangings, but that is unlikely to happen. Don't like the Constitution as it stands: amend it. Don't think you can get that done? Tough beans.

I'd approve this proposed Constitutional Amendment, which I wrote:

"Any legislator voting into law a bill later found not constitutionally authorized, shall be imprisoned not less than one year, nor more than five. Any legislator voting in favor of a law later found to be Constitutionally prohibited shall be imprisoned for not less than five years nor more than twenty. Any executive signing into law any such bill shall suffer the same penalty. (Hi, George Bush of McCain-Feingold) Sentences for multiple offenses shall run consecutively. These penalties shall apply to federal, state, county and municipal legislators and executives. Violators shall be exempt from pardon.

A defense against the charge of assault or murder of a public official shall consist of proof the legislator or executive voted for or signed into law a Constitutionally prohibited bill."
Put THAT into the Constitution and the SOBs will pay attention to their responsibilities. No personal costs: No respect. Would it paralyze the governments at every level? I hope so: that is it's purpose. Don't worry: you know what chance of passage it has.

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