Friday, October 17, 2014

Another Fast & Furious Gun Surfaces: Two Wounded In Phoenix

Fast & Furious: The gift which keeps on killing, or, at least in this instance, wounding. Two people in Phoenix have been shot with a Fast & Furious weapon, and Eric Holder et al apparently have been concealing that information since July of 2013.
Grassley and Issa say Obama’s executive privilege claim is invalid because he is asserting the lower of two forms of privilege, deliberative process privilege rather than the higher form of presidential communications privilege. If he asserted the latter higher form, Obama would be admitting that either he or his top deputies knew of details of Operation Fast and Furious of which he and his senior advisers have vigorously denied knowledge—and the lower form of privilege, Grassley and Issa have noted, is considered immediately invalid with even the suspicion of government wrongdoing. In Fast and Furious, Obama, Holder, and the rest of the Obama administration have admitted there was not only a suspicion of government wrongdoing, but that government wrongdoing actually occurred.
Holder and Obama continue to stonewall the investigation into crimes committed with Fast & Furious guns:
That rifle was purchased by the Fast and Furious straw purchaser. What’s perhaps most interesting about this is that Grassley and Issa noted in their letter to Cole that the Obama administration is continuing to withhold from Congress information about crimes in which Fast and Furious guns were used.
Jerry Ford issued a pardon to Richard Nixon to spare the country the agony of a criminal trial and the spectacle of a president incarcerated. I think in hindsight that he made a mistake: The spectacle of an imprisoned President would have served as a great example to Nixon's successors. Today, Presidents and Cabinet officials are above prosecution, and that is a very dangerous situation indeed. Far more dangerous to the country than a mere trial and prison time.

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