Thursday, October 02, 2014

Quarantine Those Exposed To Ebola?: "How is this going to look?"

The country's safety is in the very best hands:
“When [Graham] gets [Brantly] over into the hospital, they come in and they quarantine him,” Beck said. “There are, I think, 35 others that have returned from Africa that were working in that hospital, the same as [Brantly]. They’ve been around this doctor. They’ve been around the hospital.”

“We all saw the caravan, but what we didn’t see is this: Franklin says, ‘Okay, we’ve got 35 people. Where do we keep them for 21 days?’” Beck said, noting that Ebola can incubate for 21 days. “The CDC says, ‘Oh, don’t worry. Just send them home.’”

“Now, here’s Graham, not a doctor, saying, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t think sending them home is a good idea. … They should be in the quarantine for 21 days. We don’t know if they have the Ebola.’”

So Beck said Graham found a place near the hospital and asked those exposed to the Ebola virus to stay there until they were confident they wouldn’t spread the disease to the rest of the country.

“Well apparently, several days into this, the hospital finds out that they’ve done this,” Beck said. “And the hospital is upset because of PR. ‘How is this going to look?…’
Don't worry: It's just ebola.

Color me radical, but it seems to me past time to fire the complacent administrators at CDC. Given that that is unlikely to happen, it may be time to stock up on N-95 masks and surgical gloves, plus food and water for a month or so.

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