Thursday, October 29, 2009

At a glance

It may be that my eyes have long played tricks on me which others do not suffer from their own, but now and then while I am walking or driving my eyes run across a sign which just doesn't quite reach my brain in the way intended. I do a double-take, and sometimes my grey cells wander off in a new direction.

Yesterday I was walking around Pearl Ridge Mall while waiting for Sears to install a new battery in ol' Nellie Belle, and came across one such sign, which seemed to refer to well educated canines.

Just what was it?

Well, of course, it was "Academia Mutts."

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Reason"s Nanny of the Month

Thanks to InstaPundit for the lead.

Coyotes Kill Hiker

It does happen from time to time, tho I think more often with mountain lions.
TORONTO (Oct. 28) -- Two coyotes attacked a promising young musician as she was hiking alone in a national park in eastern Canada, and authorities said she died Wednesday of her injuries.

The victim was identified as Taylor Mitchell, 19, a singer-songwriter from Toronto who was touring her new album on the East Coast.

She was hiking solo on a trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia on Tuesday when the attack occurred. She was airlifted to a Halifax hospital in critical condition and died Wednesday morning....

Royal Canadian Mounted Police...said other hikers heard Mitchell's screams for help on Tuesday and called emergency police dispatchers.
What a shame they didn't have a gun along. What a shame Mitchell didn't have a gun along. Even a big sheath knife. But then, the Canadians, being civilized folk, take a dim legal view of handguns for mere subjects.
Police who were in the area reached the scene quickly and shot one of the animals....
As the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
Paul Maynard of Emergency Health Services said Mitchell already was in critical condition when paramedics arrived on the scene and had multiple bite wounds over her entire body.
Sheesh. In some areas the police may be our friends, but Smith & Wesson are our buddies. Unless you are a respectable person, of course, then not.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don’t bring a knife to a coffee fight

Etiquette: What separates us from the savages.
I politely demurred by hurling a cup of hot Starbucks at him...
As the cops are alleged to say: Attitude is everything.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Officials with Low Self Esteem cancel Dead Bunny Toss

New Zealand: Going the way of "Great" Britain:

At least a few go not quietly into the night:
"Throwing dead bunnies is wrong, wrong, wrong. You're likely to get greater distance throwing live bunnies."
Here, Here!

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