Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jack Reacher

Reacher, 39, a character created by novelist Lee Child, is a retired US Army Military Police major now bumming around the America he saw little of as a child of a career officer and as an adult stationed mostly overseas.

Some might think he is having some trouble adjusting to an unstructured environment:
He had bought plenty of clothes in the last two years, because he had developed a habit of buying new stuff instead of washing the old stuff. It was a defensive habit. It defended him against carrying any kind of a big valise, and it defended him against having to learn the exact techniques of laundering. He knew about laundromats and dry cleaners, but he was vaguely worried about being alone in a laundromat and finding himself unsure of the correct procedures. And giving stuff to a dry cleaner implied a commitment to be back in the same physical location at some future time, which was a commitment he was reluctant to make. The most straightforward practice was to buy new and junk the old. So he had bought clothes, but exactly where he had bought them was hard for him to pin down. Generally he just saw clothes in a store window, went in and bought them, and came out again without really being sure of the identity of the establishment he had visited.
Feller after my own heart, once upon a time.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obamanyms After the Rise