Monday, February 12, 2007

As I said...

...once before France is self-screwing:
"The unfettered rein of financial profit is intolerable for the general interest," she said. "You told me simple truths. You told me you wanted fewer income inequalities. You told me you wanted to tax capital more than labor. We will do that reform."

Royal said she would tax companies in relation to what share of their profits is reinvested in equipment and jobs, and what portion is paid to shareholders. She also promised to abolish a flexible work contract for small companies....

Indeed, she seemed to have something to offer to most groups in society without saying how much the combined measures would cost: Under her presidency, she said, young women would get free contraception, all young people would get access to a €10,000 interest- free loan and the handicapped would see their benefits rise.
She being Ségolène Royal, the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party. She also wants to raise the minimum wage to about US$2,000 per month and "and to guarantee a job or further training for every youth within six months of graduating from university."

One of the apparently few groups to whom she doesn't offer anything is the group which actually produces jobs. And unlike overt socialists in the US, she has a good chance of winning.

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Ayn Rand: Gotta love her...

...or else.

When Rand sensed that her lover’s attention’s might be directed elsewhere, she responded by writing a flurry of “papers” analyzing his psychology in Objectivist terms. Branden, always the good disciple, responded with equally solemn “papers” that were equally beside the point – until he finally delivered one that attempted to explain, in “rational” terms, why he was no longer sexually attracted to a sixty-one-year-old woman.

To Rand, for whom sexual love was a direct result of intellectual respect, this was heresy. “If you have an ounce of morality left in you, an ounce of psychological health – you’ll be impotent for the next twenty years!” she screamed at her former lover, in front of his wife, her husband, and Allan Blumenthal, a psychiatrist who had been asked to come down to mediate the situation. “And if you achieve any potency, you’ll know it’s a sign of still worse moral degradation!”

I bet that was a philsophical epiphany.

Amy Benfer has the story, but Google -coporate master of blogspot- has introduced mandatory new ways of doing things on blogspot, and I have to figure out how to hide the following and incorporate stuff into text all over again. Thanks guys. You did say it was wonderful. I accept that as corporate speak for We are about to do unspeakable things to you, and your little dog, too.

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