Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neo Socket a

"Improves Gas Mileage by 10-30%!"

An advertisement which has been appearing, appropriately enough, in the Honolulu Advertiser for a while now, reads:
Neo Socket a
-Improved acceleration
-Higher throttle response
-Increased power
-More MPG
-Car runs more efficiently
-Reduce carcinogenic emissions

For use with all gas powered vehicles...with standard cigarette lighters. Just plug the NeoSocket and that's all there is to it!...Tests conducted by a national university in Japan.
Color me sceptical.

But it isn't made by the Amish.

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I wouldn't be saying much, either.

But I would be looking for a new job. Possibly flipping burgers. In Pakistan, if necessary.
Madoff may have fooled more than investors. He apparently also conned the nation's top securities regulators, who investigated his business last year and found no evidence that he was running a $50 billion scheme.

The SEC's enforcement division looked into Madoff's business in 2007. The agency did not refer the matter to commissioners for legal action. What did the investigators find and why didn't they look harder? The SEC isn't saying anything beyond a brief statement it issued Friday revealing the 2007 probe.
Those $50,000,000,000 Ponzi schemes are just soooo hard to spot.

Of course, when a Madoff runs a gigantic Ponzi scheme, it's a felony. When The Greatest Deliberative Body in the World runs a giant Ponzi scheme, it's called Social Security.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Colleges Remember Their Veterans

There are a number of ways,
But the way Princeton honors its war dead is particularly personal: 500 bronze stars, each engraved with the name of a student who died, dot the school's oldest buildings....With few exceptions, the stars are located outside the window of the dorm room where the student once lived.
Bari Weiss has the story in the Wall Street Journal.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shoeing Bush away = Success in Iraq

Roger Simon:
As the world knows now, a particularly juvenile Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at George Bush in Baghdad Sunday....

That buffoon-like shoe chucker - his name is Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia channel which broadcasts from Cairo - proved it. No matter what happens to al-Zaidi now (and it won’t be much if anything), it will be nothing like what would have happened to him if he had hurled a shoe at the president during the previous Iraqi administration of Saddam Hussein. As we all know, in that case, he would either have had his tongue and scrotum cut out or both...
Good point.

... if he would have survived at all.
Oh, I don't think there is much reason to think he would have survived. He probably would have survived a lot longer then he would have wished, tho.

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Harry Reid: "We have a voluntary tax system."

Is this guy smoking crack, or is he hoping we are?

Thanks to Emmageeman for the lead.

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