Saturday, June 07, 2014

Getting Better

I called the doc back after the pain pills weren't doing much to relieve the pain, but were making me drowsy for a couple hours, and mentioned that whenever I tried to stand up I would get major, and painful, muscle spams. He thought about that for maybe half a second and put me on generic Valium.

One pill: Wow! Relief. I trotted off to the swap meet this morning, didn't get anything other than fruit, vegetables, and a couple small rosemary bushes for the garden, but what an improvement.

When I got home I got roped into a top to bottom clean up of the kitchen. Small invaders have been taking over, and they have now been pushed back.

I hope.


Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's Been A Few days...

I messed up my back a few days ago, and it is both hard to sit at the desk and energy level is low for blogging. I must keep repeating "Thou Shalt NOT Squat. Thou Shalt Not Squat."

I have been taking some pills the doctor gave me, and a bit better, but not very interested in doing much beyond reading and the occasional stagger around the yard.

I did order some camping stuff for this summer, to be delivered to our favorite storage facility in Utah.

Here is a pic of Calvin Bosworth, feline, commiserating with me:

This, too, is one Calvin Bosworth, flaked out much as I have been lately:

Good kitty.

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