Friday, May 18, 2012

Milwaukee Public Museum

Gotta love the Milwaukee Public Museum: they screw up on a blockbuster exhibit, lose $800,000 on the deal, but cover the shortfall by laying off encouraging employees to retire early and a $650,000 "infusion" from the endowment fund. Nothing to worry about here, folks.

Steve Schultz at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the story.
County Supervisor Jim "Luigi" Schmitt, who also sits on the museum board of directors, said while the current shortfall was troubling, he doesn't expect any noticeable reduction in the museum's overall quality.
Laying off more employees, including curators, won't have any "noticeable" negative effect.
Chief Financial Officer Michael Bernatz said Thursday...the museum operation was basically sound and was moving to a financial model in which the museum was less reliant on blockbuster special exhibits to stay afloat.

"We have a plan for getting the operation back on track," Bernatz told a Milwaukee County Board panel.
So, just what is this plan? Do the county taxpayers get to know what it is?

Interestingly, one of the commentors is another journalist, Michael Horne, who did a worthwhile article about the museum and it's scandalous treatment of their bicycle collection in last August's Milwaukee Magazine.

I don't think that Horne even begins to realize how much of the iceberg remains unseen. I hope he keeps digging: I think there is plenty to see here, folks. More of my opinion here and here, as well.

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Monday, May 14, 2012


A possibly little-known Wisconsin statute specifies, under section 101.58 Employees' right to know. (2) Definitions. (j) 2. "Toxic substance" does not include: f. Lutefisk.

Oh, ye of Little Faith, clik here for verification.

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Plagiarising a Blogger is Double Plus Ungood

When Duane Lester over at the All American Blogger discovered that a local paper had published one of his posts verbatim, he apparently got mad, then got even.

I'm a bit surprised he was allowed to keep the camera rolling throughout the entire encounter, but it makes good watching.

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