Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Properly Accessorize a Little Black Dress

Monday, January 09, 2012

Mark Steyn on the Republican Presidential Debates

Steyn gets it right, as usual:
This country is broke, and the unprecedented scale of its brokeness is an existential threat. Yet, with the exception of Newt’s occasional flashes of contempt for the questioners, everyone else plays along with this absurd game. It’s not merely that the GOP is letting the left frame the contest but that a party willing to dignify this pitiful charade is sending a broader message about the likelihood of its mustering the determination to stand up to a Democrat-media establishment once in office and effect meaningful course correction.
The GOP is highly unlikely to do anything about fixing our problems. They have been just as enthusiastic as the Democrats about creating them.

I recently read a column by someone or another to the effect that the Reagan era strategy of constraining the federal government by refusing to raise taxes has been an obvious and utter failure: The Solons on the Potomac -of both parties- just kept on spending. The only change was in their increased borrowing.

Therefor the next strategy to try is to raise taxes across the board to the level needed to fully pay for all of the services the government provides. Only that will bring people to their senses and force responsible behavior.

Seems like a good idea to try. Fat chance of doing so.

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