Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dateline Honolulu

Coming to you from high above beautiful downtown Aiea, Hawaii, where the bulbuls sing and the sun sinks slowly in the West. Of course, the sun sinks in the West pretty much everywhere, at least in this solar system, but it does do so here, so why nitpick?

Today was a really good day.

There was one low point this afternoon when we let Valerie's meds run down a bit too long and Valerie "needed" to unstrap her leg brace and scratch way too hard with her nails, but she got over that and perked up a lot before one of the techies from school came over to make her laptop (from school) interface with our wireless system. Now she can do school work such as write reports on the kids and deliver them, which she couldn't do on the home computer as it has the wrong software. Big relief and also gives her something productive to do. Valerie isn't a web surfer like I am- she needs to be doing something useful.

And along that line, she made a lot of progress today in getting around: She can pretty much get herself into and out of the wheelchair wherever she is, and can wheel herself over the carpet in the living room, hallway, and bedroom. There are areas she can't get into because the furniture is too close together, but she can get to everything which counts. As long as those meds are working. Otherwise not.

We had breakfast on the lanai for the first time since she tried to wreck Costco's cement floor, and as it was a beautiful morning it was a very nice break. The shower tree is looking a mite scruffy, dropping leaves before summer, but also the first of the blossoms are on it. The lawn needs mowing and I'll try to get to that tomorrow, altho there are many errands which also need doing tomorrow. Also my sister Judy and brother-in-law Jose arrive on the 30th for the day (they are staying on Kauai for a week) and the house and yard may not be quite up to desired standard but likely they will cut us SOME slack under the circumstances. If not, they can blog about us.

I got another grab bar up in the bathroom, and the bolts aren't too bad in the bedroom side of the wall. It will be a big help for V getting out of the shower, and replaces a towel bar so won't be a problem later. Shall likely put another in the other bathroom as well.

We spent the evening watching the finale of American Idol. If you are a Worshipper you already know who won, and if not you likely aren't too worried so I won't go into the details.

V cruised off to Slumberland immediately thereafter. Zack the Cat tried to escape thru the den window but for once was thwarted by our Hero.

And that's the way it is. At least from my perspective. Walter Cronkite may disagree.