Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roman Polanski: Forcible Rapist or Victim of Society?

Kate Harding gets it. His victim testified that Polanski isn't guilty of statutory rape with a willing 13-year-old: He drugged her with alcohol and Qaalude, then forcibly raped her vaginally and anally. He pled guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, but her grand jury testimony says he forcibly raped her after drugging her.

Harding links to her grand jury testimony, taken 2 weeks after Polanski raped her. People in Hollywood should read it before they continue making fools of themselves defending the guy, and attacking the US for finally getting him.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

“facilitate dialogue about whiteness"

Possibly surprisingly, that isn't a quote from "The Turner Diaries", but from "a leadership conference just this past summer at the University of Virginia" which, while perhaps led by unrepentantly racist (and otherwise collectivist) fascists, has ostensibly no philosophical affinity for that particular branch of racism.

More, from Caroline Rushing, writing in Human Events.

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