Friday, April 29, 2016

The Slow Overnight Collapse of Venezuela

This is the best short description I've seen recently about the industry by industry collapse of Venezuela -once the richest country in South America- into...well...collapse like tin foil hat wearing preppers worry about. It can take many years for a prosperous country to fall apart, it just looks sudden at the end. No toilet paper, refrigerators are worthless because there is electricity only two days a week, but that's really OK because there is no food to put in the non-working refrigerators.

Now they don't even have enough money to pay for printing more inflationary currency, and the foreign printing companies which were flying it in, in fleets of 747s, have stopped because Why trust Venezuela to pay the printing and shipping bills?

Between corruption and Marxism, and corrupt Marxism, and Marxist corruption, the Venezuelans have well and truly buggered each other left, right, and upside down. Right along with all the good, decent people who did NOT vote this calamity.

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