Friday, April 09, 2010

Victor Davis Hanson is on a roll

He is not happy:
Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were not paradigms of racial equality, as we once assumed. The new correct protocol of unity and togetherness is not to ignore race but to accentuate difference whenever possible. Thus we have a uniter and his flock talking of a “typical white person,” of white country folk who “cling” to their fears and superstitions, of “cowards” who refuse to discuss racial matters, of a “wise Latina,” of police who “stereotype” and act “stupidly,” and of polluters and high-school mass-murderers identified as typically “white.” In place of real civil-rights marches, we have psychodramas where congressmen wade into a crowd of protestors in search of a televised slur. To this president, the tea-partiers are sexually slurred “tea-baggers,” in his Manichean worldview of opponents to whom we are “to get in their faces” and “bring a gun” to their knife fight — all as we praise “unity,” “bipartisanship,” and “working across the aisle.”

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Goodwin Liu on Reparations from...

...people who came to America after slavery, to people who never experienced slavery.

Hint: He's in favor. And President Obama has nominated him to a judgeship on the Federal Appeals Court.

So, Mr. Liu, just how many deaths, how many maimed, and how much wealth expended during the Civil War, would it have taken to make reparations unnecessary? Or would that have been impossible, as only people who never lived during the slave era can be responsible?

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