Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama's You Didn't Create That Speech

Thanks to the LA Times, one can read the complete transcript.

The speech is short on specifics, long on rhetoric, as one might expect from a political speech. While others may pick up on the positive aspects, I found it deeply anti-business. He made several obligatory positive comments about business, but in the main seemed to me to blame all of our problems on greedy business and greedy businesmen who refuse to pay their fair share.

For some reason his idea of fairness never includes making the 47% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes start doing so. To allow nearly half the country to have no personal stake in the cost of government is unconscionable: Half the country has no incentive to control the cost of government, and every incentive to demand more spending as they know that they will pay none of the costs.

Obama referred repeatedly to fairness demanding that we all play by the same rules, but nowhere did he mention the numerous exemptions from the new health care law which he has handed out to his political supporters, nor the screwing of the GM bondholders in favor of the employee unions, nor the politicized shoveling of taxpayers' money into the bankrupt maws of other political supporters such as, most famously, Solyndra.

Another term for corporate greedheads in your administration is: core Obama campaign donors. So much for an equal playing field, Mr President.