Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hawaii State Government: Fools, Idiots, Pipe Dreamers

Andrew Gomes has the story in the Star Advertiser
The Sierra Club filed an appeal with Circuit Court in November challenging the Oct. 15 decision by the Land Use Commission to reclassify 576 acres of agriculture land in Central Oahu for an initial 3,500-home phase of Koa Ridge and conditionally approve a second phase with 1,500 homes on another 192 acres of agriculture land nearby.

The environmental organization argued that the LUC decision did not receive the necessary number of votes for approval because Duane Kanuha was ineligible to serve as a commissioner.

LUC rules require that six of the nine commissioners must vote "yes" for land to be reclassified for a different use. The vote was 6-0 in favor of urbanizing the Koa Ridge site, with three members excused. Kanuha cast one of the six votes.

Kanuha's four-year term as the Big Island commissioner ended June 30, 2009, and the state Senate rejected his reappointment for a second term on April 26, 2010. He remained on the commission as a holdover member by Gov. Linda Lingle until earlier this year.

Circuit Judge Karl Sakamoto ruled that the Senate's rejection of Kanuha disqualified him from serving as a holdover commissioner.
Gee, Governor Lingle, did it maybe occur to you that when Kanuha's term was up he was no longer a commissioner? That his "votes" were without weight?

Naw. She told the Super Ferry people that they didn't need a full environmental impact statement. They too found out that she was just a little bit wrong. It only cost them a hundred million dollars or so. Didn't come out of her pocket, so why should she care?

Linda Lingle: Not corrupt, just stupid as a tree full of owl poop.

With Republicans like this, why should we vote against Democrats? At least they'd stop these investments before millions of dollars were thrown away.

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