Friday, June 21, 2013


Lindsay Wise and Jonathan S. Landay of McClatchy's Washington Bureau have an article with examples of what NSA surveillance of Americans is doing.
If you tweet a picture from your living room using your smartphone, you’re...potentially revealing the exact coordinates of your house to anyone on the Internet.

The GPS location information embedded in a digital photo is an example of so-called metadata...

...Metadata...will tell you which groups of people go to political meetings together, which groups of people go to church together, which groups of people go to nightclubs together or sleep with each other.”

Metadata records of search terms and webpage visits also can reveal a log of your thoughts by documenting what you’ve been reading and researching...enough to know if you’re pregnant or not, what diseases you have, whether you’re looking for a new job, whether you’re trying to figure out if the NSA is watching you or not...Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist’s office...Metadata can even identify a likely gun owner...if you bring your cellphone to the gun range you probably have a gun...
So, with almost no debate, our government has created a surveillance state which puts George Orwell's '1984' to shame, which would have been beyond the East German Stasi's fondest fantasy, and which Stalin would have slaughtered millions to possess.

So...plug in the coordinates of the metallic silhouette range at a gun club, and search the metadata for people who have been there over the past year. How many times. How long they were there. Who was next to them, how many times they were next to them. Where they live. Change search to the Front Sight firearms training facilities, defensive pistol range. Repeat. Cross reference with all people who have been at the Tea Party rallies. Then search the results for all people who have been to storage locker complexes, who have walked in the woods, paused for more than 12 minutes. Were they burying something? It is endless.

We are not building the surveillance state. It is already here.

Enjoy living in the Land of the Free.

I sent the story link to several people (don't worry: the government knows who) along with the following: The government knows I have sent this to you, and that the subject line reads "Metadata", and who you may forward it to. And who replies. And where your phone has been every moment of every year, for many years. Every political rally you attended, and who with. And how long you were there, and where you went afterwards, and what route you took. They know who went to your friends' wedding, and who went to the reception. They know who has been to your house, when, and for how long. They probably haven't looked at your data, but they have it, and can look anytime they want.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Would Gladly Pay You 1,820,000,000 Mondays From Now, For A Hamburger Today

Or something like that. It the Hamburger Galaxy, aka spiral galaxy NGC 3628.

Ketchup, onions, and a sesame seed bun... Mmmmm Mmmmm, God!


Monday, June 17, 2013

EMP or Solar Flares = Deep Kim Cheeville

Lloyds of London must, of course, be run by a bunch of tin foil hat whackos. Right?
...former Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, who heads the Center for Security Policy...cited a new Lloyds of London report that determined that the area from Washington, D.C., to New York could be without electricity for up to two years in a major solar flare-up.
At least, I hope they are. People from D.C. to New York would get really thirsty without electricity for two years. Hungry too. And testy, downright testy.

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