Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Malaekahana Weekend

We spent the weekend camping at Malaekahana State Recreation Area, Kahuku Section, on the North Shore between Laie and Kahuku, celebrating a 17th birthday with a mob of teenagers. All of them appeared to have a good time, and so did we. Greg did all of the logistical planning for about 15 of his friends: arranged for tents, figured out meal plans, did the shopping, budget, directed set up and tear down, the whole shebang. He pulled it off beautifully.

Our friend Dan stopped in on Saturday for a walk up and down the beach, including a wade out to Goat Island, a local seabird sanctuary.

I shot a lot of people pics, but not for blogging. You'll have to make do with these. Clik for a bigger version.

There were plenty of Poultry-Americans clucking and crowing around our site:


Malaekahana Weather Vane II:

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This is looking back at the beach from around the point:


A fisherman working with a throw net was waiting for one to come within range:

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The water at the point was plenty clear:


Out at the point we saw a Wandering Tattler aka 'ulili hanging out on the iron shore. They come in from Alaska for the winter. Smart birds.

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While I had thought Goat Island was off limits, there is a rudimentary track for legit strolling all the way around. The trick is getting out there with a camera, without dunking it: the water is two to three feet deep, and the waves come around the island from both sides, meeting at the wading route to splash the unwary. Fortunately Dan and I both had sealable plastic bags, and we managed not to topple over on the way out or back.

A lot of the interior of Goat Island is covered with these succulents. I haven't identified the stuff yet, but it seems to make a great ground cover.


Here's a shed crab shell on Goat Island:

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Goat Island log:

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"the palestinian bunny of death"

Clik here. Is anyone paying attention?

And just what is the position of the Archbishop of Canterbury?

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