Saturday, February 15, 2014

Amnesty For Illegal Aliens?

Illegal aliens are by their nature people who do not respect our laws.

Can someone explain to me why we have such a shortage of scofflaws that we must import more?

Most immigrants vote Democratic. Why do Republicans believe that we have such a shortage of Democrats that we must import more?

Why does anyone think that we have such a shortage of Democratic scofflaws that we must import more?

We teach children to obey the laws even if they disagree with them. If they disagree strongly enough, they can work to change the laws, but need to obey them until they are successful. Rewarding people for breaking the law makes anyone who believes in obeying laws with which they disagree a fool.

Can anyone explain why we have so many law abiding people that we need to show them up as fools?

Can anyone explain why we need to teach the children that obeying the law is for fools?

Can anyone explain why wages for unskilled American and legal immigrant workers are so high that we need to drive down their wages with cheaper imported labor?

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

California Gun Law Struck Down: Peruta v. County of San Diego

Breaking news in the California gun case of Peruta v. County of San Diego.

UCLA School of Law professor Eugene Volokh:’s Ninth Circuit decision in Peruta v. County of San Diego (9th Cir. Feb. 13, 2014), concludes that California’s broad limits on both open and concealed carry of loaded guns “impermissibly infringe[] on the Second Amendment right to bear arms in lawful self-defense.”

...California law essentially leaves most law-abiding adults without the ability to carry guns in public for effective self-defense, period. People are barred from carrying guns either openly or concealed. It is this broad policy that the majority holds unconstitutional.

... The court also dismissed the argument that the California scheme is saved by the fact that people might get concealed carry licenses if they show “good cause” to the satisfaction of the police department, or by the fact that there are some other exceptions
If this goes to appeal and is upheld, it should invalidate Hawaii's de facto ban on carrying. We have to demonstrate 'extraordinary circumstances' in order to be considered for a concealed carry license (open carry is a felony), and so far as I know, none such have occurred in at least 15 years. In the entire state.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is America Over?

Could well be, all but the whimpering.

I think one of the foundation stones of the Republic was removed when the 17th Amendment ended the state legislatures power to select US Senators to represent the state governments. Almost ignored today, it was a foundational change in the power structure, and highly unlikely to be reversed.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Felix Baumgartner Balloon Jump Video

Here is one way to get your heart rate to 190.

This is the video shot by Felix Baumgartner when he jumped from a balloon from 39 km up over New Mexico. I noticed that at the beginning there wasn't enough air to make the wrinkles on his suit flap.

For some reason it opens half way thru the video. If you want to see the beginning you'll have to slide the white button at the bottom over to the left.

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

EMP Effects On Automobiles

If you are interested in this fairly esoteric subject, clik here.

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Allstate's List of Cold Weather Gear For Your Vehicle

This looks pretty good.

We keep most of this stuff in our vehicles, and it doesn't even get cold here.

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