Saturday, May 26, 2012

"full and frank exchange of views"

The Ukrainian Parliament has given us both a reminder of Madison last year and a preview of DC next year if by chance the Tea Party sweeps into power and actually makes good on their promise to reduce the size of government. I expect this full and frank exchange of views would shrivel into a kindergarten spat compared to the terms of debate imposed upon Tea Partiers.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The World Is Spinning Out of Control

Hot from the Huffington Post:

Naked Man Ties Himself To Tree, Hoping For Random Sex

...Posted on May 23rd 2012.
Man ties himself to tree, puts on a blindfold, exposes genitals and waits for some anonymous sex.

What does a guy have to do to get some anonymous sex these days?

Last week, Ramsey, Minn. police say, Alan Petrusson tied himself to a tree, put a blindfold on, exposed his genitals and waited for anonymous sex near a public park, according to CBS Minnesota.
The story doesn't say whether he was successful or not. Maybe he should get a high grade for optimism, if nothing else.

UPDATE: CBS has more:
Two officers of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources were looking for fishing violations Thursday evening when they say they stumbled upon Alan Petrusson in Dayton Port Roadside Park in Ramsey. They described him as sitting on a sling, blindfolded, with wrists and ankles tied to two trees, and genitals exposed.
So, what was he charged with? Trolling without a license?


Yes, We Do Still Live in America

The best comment on this story is from one MacM:
If law enforcement agents show up on your property, here is what you do (I spent nine years total on staff of a federal LE agency and a county sheriff's dept):

1. Do not answer any questions at all; demand to see their LE credentials. You have the right to examine them closely. Do so.

2. Ask them if they have a warrant to be on your property. If they do, you have the right to examine it, but if it is a valid warrant, they do not have to wait while you do so. If they have a warrant shut up and do not hinder them from doing what the warrant authorizes.

3. If they do not have a warrant, tell them you are (a) not going to answer any questions and (b) do not give consent to search any part of your property. Every time they ask you anything else, just keep saying that. Do NOT say anything else.

4. Remember that the courts have ruled that consent to search or enter does not have to be verbally given. If a cop or detective asks whether he can come inside to speak with you and you open the door for him, you have just consented.

5. ALWAYS your answer to requests, no matter how harshly given, to enter your property or "mind if we look around?" is "Do you have a warrant and if so, please let me see it." But if they had a warrant, they would not be much asking.

6. If you have your cell phone with you, turn on the movie camera or sound recorder as soon as you can.

Importantly, do not freak out, do not become oppositional, always stay focused and always stand on your rights calmly and unemotionally. But stand on them.
Anything you say to law enforcement officers can be used against you. Anything you say which is later construed or misconstrued to have been a lie, rather than a mistake or a result of forgetfulness can be charged as a felony, and you can be convicted. So keep your mouth shut.

The story is here. I can't vouch for the truth, but if it is so, EPA has way too much time on their hands.

A lawyer once told me that if the Law wanted to know what my neighbor had been doing, it was probably OK to answer. If the Law was asking about what I had done, then the only proper response was to clam up: Do not explain, do not respond with anything except a demand that the questioning cease.

The Mr. Keller in the story could be charged for lying to EPA simply because when questioned, he forgot he had sent an email to EPA. That's all it takes in a country in which the Supreme Court has ruled that government officals can lie to people they are questioning, but it is a felony to lie to them.

Don't explain. Just shut up.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

.700 Nitro Express

Possibly these fellers could use some advice from Chuck Norris.

Looks to me like it hurts at both ends.

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