Monday, December 28, 2009

Does Janet Napolitano smoke crack, or..

...does she hope we are?

"The system worked":

A guy's family told our revered security apparatus months ago that he might be dangerous because of his extreme Muslim beliefs, but he was allowed on airplanes. He boarded with a bomb attached to himself. He succeeded in initiating detonation. The only thing which prevented another Lockerbie was a system malfunction.

And Janet Napolitano wants us to believe that her system worked as it is supposed to.

So, is Janet Napolitano smoking crack, or does she hope we are?

And while we are at it, her response to this incident is to prohibit passengers from getting out of their seats for the hour prior to landing, and prevent people from having pillows on their laps.

I think she's the one smoking crack. She ought to be fired for incompetence and drug abuse.

UPDATE: Randy Barnet has the Security Directive here.

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