Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Candy Man

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Basics of the US Constitution. Very Basics

Doesn't anyone understand it anymore?

Neither the Founders nor the Federal government they created were the source of our rights.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The New Civility

Princeton Professor Uwe Reinhardt has a good column in the Daily Princetonian suggesting that the school could do a far better job of recruiting veterans for students. Apparently there are currently only four such in the entire student body of 7859, and he thinks vets would bring some worthwhile diversity.

Cue the comments:
Prof Reinhardt, the article is hocus-pocus. It is with perfectly good reason that elite academic institutions try to stay clear of military personnel. If you want to see the kind of cultural trash, cretinous nationalism, chauvinism, racism, and brutality (they are training to kill, not do nuanced thinking. these are torturers, not humanists) in which the army traffics, take a trip down to West Point. The idea that an already mediocre student (that's usually why a person is joining the military, they've failed in those "ignoble" civilian pursuits) should get any kind of a leg-up, or be "reached out to" is malarky. Let's stick to encouraging the institution to reach out to talented students in the lower-class/under-represented demographics who can actually contribute great things and who merit the outreach. People join the military because they have failed an elemental moral test, not because they have moral vision....
Also, I might add, a soldier is not even one of the most dangerous jobs (if you can call it that) in America. I'm tired of being asked to thank them. They do not deserve thanks...we should loathe those who thrive on their service, expect further accolades, and try to use their "skills" against American people.
Change the objects of their vitriol, and these apparent Princes would fit in well at a Kluxer Konvention.

So much for valuing diversity.

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Andrew Breitbart and the New Civility

There seems to be a bit of a disconnect on the Democratic side.

Hard to believe. They value civility. And diversity. And dissent is the highest form of patriotism: they said that when George Bushitler was president. Right?


UPDATE: John McCormack has more on Democratic civility over at the Weekly Standard.

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