Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"All governments must agree that the negative depiction of religion is "out of bounds"

So saithDr. Robert Friedman, "professor of political science at Baltimore Hebrew University, former acting president of the university, and former visiting professor at Princeton."

I guess it is hardly remarkable that relatively prominent academics are explicity opposed to freedom of speech. Volokh Conspiracy has the story.

Funny tho: I wonder how the Saudis would react to being told they can't depict Jews as monkeys and Christians as apes in their grade school books. Maybe those aren't negative depictions, just facts?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"relatively mild"

That's the attitude, by golly:
Temperatures 42 below Monday morning at Embarrass (MN), 38 below at Hallock and 30 below at International Falls, the weather service said.

Veterinarian Wade Himes wasn't too concerned as he ate breakfast at the Shorelunch Cafe in International Falls.

"We get up and go to work, and people come and see us. I don't think anything changes that much. (You) just dress warm," said Himes, 69.

Temperatures in Grand Forks, N.D., dipped to 31 below zero early Monday at the airport, 3 degrees lower than the records set in 1982 and 1967, the National Weather Service said. Meteorologist Bill Barrett described the record as "relatively mild."

"It's only 31 below," said Randy Hjelmstad, owner of Randy's Refuse in Grand Forks. "It's not that bad out."
I blame global warming. Or mebbe Al Gore. Or all those librul types flitting about in private jets. Or something.