Thursday, October 14, 2010

MSNBC Host Chris Mathews is Way Too Isolated

Chris Mathews said that if the miners trapped in the Chilean mine accident had been Tea Partiers, they would have killed each other.

What an idiot.

What strikes me more than Chris Mathews' idiocy, tho, is the degree of social isolation he needs to suffer in order to think that such a statement isn't idiotic: Everyone he works with, everyone he socializes with, must have the same opinion.

Which says something about MSNBC.

And I bet Chris Mathews thinks Fox News is biased.

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House Finches

This morning there was a bunch of House Finches feeding on buds in the Chinese Mango tree in our front yard.

While my Hawaii Audubon Society "Hawaii's Birds" book describes the males as having a "red forehead, bib, and rump", it says that "some males (are) more orange or yellow." These indeed trended yellow with a distinct orangy cast. Very pretty little guys, as were the females, which lack the red/orange/yellow.

What is the proper designation for a group of House Finches? "Flock" seems too prosaic. I suggest a "development of House Finches."

While looking for pictures of House Finches, I came across this pic of a Chinese Crested Dog. Don't ask me: I have no idea why a Google Image search for "Male House Finch Hawaii" produced a Chinese Crested Dog. It just did. Google moves in strange and mysterious ways. Enjoy serendipity, Dude.

It would be interesting, though, to see a bunch of them up in the mango tree, munching on buds.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Mario Vargas Llosa Shouldn't Have Gotten the Nobel Prize for Literature

He is no longer a socialist.

'Nuff said, so far as the critics are concerned.

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Chicago Media Run Interference for Rahm Emanuel

Well, of course: Mustn't let him get any tough questions in their city.

ENCOURAGING UPDATE: It looks like there may be an arrest warrant issued for CBS reporter Jay Levine, who blocked questioner William J. Kelly from asking Emanuel questions.

Of course, this did happen in Chicago, so Mr. Kelly may be the one who ends up swimming in cement overshoes.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Muslim Brotherhood...

...declares war on America.

Oh, great.

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