Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Democratic Party is Out of the Closet on Fascism

People seem to be waking up the fascist mindset of the most senior Democratic Party officials. The Dems are making it really, really hard to miss. "Disagree with my views on gay marriage? I will deny you licenses to do business, and tell NYU to drive their franchisee off campus. Out of Boston. Out of San Francisco. And New York City."

It's the New Tolerance.

As Bob Owens says:
The massive crowd reaction locally and nationwide are driven by a loathing of arrogant politicians like those in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco who feel they have the power and the authority to tell a businessman like Dan Cathy what personal opinions he can and cannot hold if he wants to do business in “their” towns.

They trampled on his religious beliefs. They trampled on his freedom of speech. They attempted to deny him and his franchisees the rights to start small businesses, merely because a free American dared to share what he believed.
When you get right down to basics, the Democratic Party despises the Constitution: They despise the 1st Amendment. That so many senior Democrats are doubling down on flagrant violations of the Constitution three months before national elections is a bit breathtaking. And should be scary enough to get many more to the polls.

Of course, fascists also want a disarmed populace so they can impose their dictates, so it should be no surprise that Massachussetts, New York, Illinois, and California have some of the most draconian victim disarmament laws in America.

Fascists: the whole lot of them.

UPDATE: For more background on various senior Democratic Party politicians' statements to deny Chik-fil-A business licenses to punish protected speech, see here and here.

For a newspaper editorial remarkable only for it's utterly ignoring the core issue here -blatantly unconstitutional retaliation against protected speech- see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which had this to say:
...the flap over (Chick-fil-A President Dan)Cathy's comments demonstrates one of the many things that make living in a free democracy such as ours so enticing for those who live under regimes where dissent such as this is impossible.
What part of denying a company permits to do business squares with that?

Do the editors at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ever read the news?

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney's "Culture Counts" Speech

HuffPo actually has a decent article about the so-called "racist" comments Mitt Romney made in Israel. I'm not sure why some idiots consider them wrong, much less racist (since when is Palestinian a race?), but he was correct: culture counts.

Compare the Palestinian refugees and their treatment by their host governments with the Cuban refugees and the treatment afforded them by the US.

In three generations the Cubans are completely Americanized, hard working, productive contributors to society. In four generations the Palestinians have given the world the Munich Massacre and the bomb belt.

Why the difference: Our government, after the Bay of Pigs idiocy, worked at assimilation, allowing refugees to become Amercian citizens and their children born here to be Americans. We allow them to pursue grievances against Cuba in court, but no longer allow them to use the US for staging attacks on Cuba.

The Arab governments, on the other hand, delight in fomenting hatred against the Israelis to distract their subjects from their own governments' oppression. Unlike America, which has welcomed Cuban refugees as full citizens, able to work and to own their own property.

So one country has productive citizens of Cuban descent, while the others have destructive, genocidal descendents of refugees who are themselves considered refugees.

Culture counts, and it is long past time we realize that. Our culture is better at assimilating diverse groups and turning them into productive citizens. Arab culture is better at fomenting multi-generational genocidal hatred. One culture chooses to let past injustices stay in the past, while the others does everything in it's considerable power to keep them festering.

UPDATE: For a sniggering take on Romney's statements, see the New Yorker, formerly a serious magazine, which has John Cassidy's column. He suggests that the lack of economic development is a result of
a lack of capital, the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, or the presence in the West Bank of Israeli settlers and military forces.
For some reason Mr. Cassidy fails to mention just why the Palestinians suffer a lack of capital, an economic blockade, or military occupation. Could it have something to do with a culture of bomb belts, exploding donkeys, shooting rockets indiscriminately, car bombs, making sale of land to a Jew a capital crime, and the sworn goal of exterminating the Jews?

Far better to be an American of Cuban descent than a fourth generation Palestinian refugee. American culture is better than Arab culture at getting on with life. Romney has nothing to apologize for.

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