Friday, April 12, 2013

Interstate Scissors

Prosecutors like U.S. Attorney Steven L. Dettelbach of the Northern District of Ohio are why God gave us tar and feathers.

The Founders would have hung the subversive thug. I'll settle for holding him in utter contempt.

Prosecuting Amish for cutting a fellow Amish member's beard with scissors which had moved in interstate commerce? Imprisoning the people who administered an involuntary trim to 15 years in federal prison? A haircut is worth fifteen years? Dettlebach, go to Hell.

U.S. Attorney Steven L. Dettlebach does not deserve the respect I give to manure. At least manure has useful purposes. Dettlebach is just filth on the sole of the national shoe.

Our country has progressively been taken over by treasonous thugs who hold the Constitution in utter contempt. I can at least return the sentiment.

Story here.

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Left vs Left on Mass Shootings

How should one react if experiencing a mass shooting? My opinion is pretty standard in some quarters: If possible, counter-attack, and keep counter-attacking until one of you is immobilized. Would I have the courage to actually do that? I don't know, and hope I never find out.

Interestingly, two lefty rags, Mother Jones on the far left, and the New York Times on the less-so left, look at the same info and come up with conclusions which seem rather at variance with each other. The Times seems to accept that self-defense may sometimes be the best response. Mother mocks the idea.

The Chicago Tribune has a surveillance video of a couple men resisting a couple armed robbers. Since for practical purposes the governments of Illinois and Chicago are firmly on the side of murderers, only criminals are able to possess guns in Chicago. Hence the two victims bring a baseball bat to a gun fight. The criminal with a gun got so flustered that he shot his own fellow criminal.

Greg Pollowitz has more at National Review.

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UN Arms Control Treaty

If such a stalwart defender of the Constitution against creeping subversion as John Kerry* says the UN Arms Control Treat would not infringe on Second Amendment rights, it must be true. He said it, all good Americans must believe it.

* He who borrowed a shotgun and bought brand new hunting clothes, to disappear into a marsh for an hour during his hectic presidential campaign, returning with the required dead bird some time later. He, an elder statesman of a party dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment rights against all usurpations. That guy.

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Rolling Stone on Gun Control

Thanks to PJ Media's story by Patrick Richardson, I came across this remarkable piece of propaganda in Rolling Stone. I find it remarkable because every shred of data cited by author Tim Dickenson refutes his conclusions that the gun industry is collapsing.

Gun sales are at an all time high? The industry is collapsing. Manufacturers are so backlogged that they have stopped taking new orders? The industry is collapsing. Handgun sales up 70% since 2008? The industry is collapsing. "Powerful pistols...have replaced traditional hunting guns as the industry's cash cow"? The industry is collapsing. "Gaudy profit margins have become the norm"? The industry is collapsing. "The FBI background checks that the industry looks to as a proxy for gun sales have been rising year over year for more than 30 months." The industry is collapsing.

"The seduction of youth goes far beyond hunting. Online ammo superstore MidwayUSA is particularly aggressive in promoting youth shooting, sponsoring events like National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day, for "girls six and up." A photo posted on the event's website under the heading "Shoot Like a Girl" shows a dad helping his daughter, perhaps eight years old, aim an AR-15 with a collapsible stock and a monster clip (sic)." So, successfully reaching out to the next generation of customers. I guess the industry is collapsing.

"To target urban and suburban women, gunmakers have adopted a two-pronged marketing strategy. One: Feminizing the weapons by dressing them up in hot pink. Two: Marketing powerful guns to women as the only surefire protection against sexual and violent predators." Changing their product lines to successfully appeal to a new market niche, and point out the obvious? The industry is collapsing.

"Firing ranges now offer zombie-themed hunts. "Shooters must battle their way through a Zombie Assault Course to save us all from these undead people eaters," advertises one." So, adapting competitions to successfully appeal to a new generation of shooters? The industry is collapsing.

Citizens sharing the Founders' concern about tyrannical government? Americans are stocking up on guns like its 1775? The industry is collapsing.

Rolling Stone published a remarkable article.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Police Survey on Gun Control

I'm not sure how rigorously designed and performed this survey of over 15,000 police officers was, but the results are worth looking at.

Apparently street cops have little respect for our gun control laws, current and proposed.

UPDATE: As I suspicioned (for the culturally illiterate, that's a Huck Finn expression), the survey may have been less than rigorous in design and implementation.


Gun Banners : Tyrants

Here is a great screed on gun banners. It is exactly what I was pining for in my last post. It's by Alan Korwin, author of 'Gun Laws of America'. I think it well worth a read.

Thank you, Mr. Korwin.

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Anti-Gun Hysteria = Salem Witch Trials

If you disagree, just look at these stories, then make your argument.

Our country is being taken over by the criminally insane, and our President, and his party, are encouraging that.

I wonder when people will start resisting.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Your Children Properly Belong to the Collective

At least if you are an MSNBC host and Tulane professor of political science by the name of Melissa Harris-Perry. Harris-Perry says "[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities".

Video, which was an advertisement for MSNBC, is here.

I can see why correct-thinking people "understand" that the Second Amendment empowers the government at all levels to prohibit the private ownership of weapons.

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